DVLAThe DVLA in its wisdom, sanctioned by the responsible Minister David Jamieson on the 12th Feb 2003 has introduced a policy to ensure the bad guys can’t get fake number plates for their stolen cars. How do they expect to achieve this? Well by making you present such a mountain of information that its guaranteed to frustrate you to death, so actually you cease to care!

View documentation required to purchase a number plate well you could except that its been removed from the DVLA web site in the last two days! What it says is you have to have: First some form of identification


a new euro photocard driving licence


a bank or building society statement or a utility bill and one of the following

  • a driving license
  • a UK passport
  • a credit or debit card with photograph
  • a travel pass card with photograph
  • a Foreign national identity card


proof of entitlement i.e. the vehicle log book (V5) or various other similar ‘entitlement’ documents.

What it means is that anyone who has not got one of those newer driving licenses must have with them a utility bill; and there in lies the rub. What is a utility bill? According to the DVLA poster in Halfords and the especially prepared Halfords leaflet, a utility is either electricity or water or gas. So what happened to the telephone? Why is a photocard driving license worth more than a Passport? and what value can a bank or building society statement have? What would happen if I didn’t keep statements and bills, but recycled the paper as soon as I paid the bill or checked off the statement? An what does any of this do to stop fraud, when you can order a number plate on-line with out any documentation at all ?


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