Scafell Pike in the clouds

Scafell Pike in the clouds. Despite the forcast being just about OK the weather last Saturday, (30th Aug 2008), was poor, the cloud base was down at around 2000ft. That’s about the height of Esk Hause, and as we climed up through Calf Cove and the boulder field that lies between Great End and Broad Crag we must have veered off too far left and got lost. Actually well and truly lost and even a little concerned after a while of wandering about. Eventually stumbling across Ill Crag, stopping for some lunch and attempting to get bearings and collect thoughts on which way to go. Even going North from Ill Crag we were quite disoriented and started to go down the path towards Gt. End before realising our mistake. There were many other people out there looking similarly lost too.
Eventually as we descended the gap between Broad Crag and Scafell Pike the mist cleared a bit to give us all confidence in our direction. Indeed after stopping for something more to eat and the remains of the coffee at the summit, on the way back down the mist cleared and we decided to take in a visit to Great End and got quite a marvelous view all round. The route back down Rossett Gill and Langdale was uneventful.
The photos here are from an earlier trip I did on a day in June which I think will have to go down as the best day of the summer.

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