Fall in NY

Sweeping up the leaves at Don & Lynn’s house.

The house is in Ossining just north of New York itself, in the Hudson Valley. Its a rambling colonial style building dating from the late 1700’s and is beautiful. Spent the morning raking leaves and other odd jobs around the house making me feel at home. The weather is fine, cold and blustery, some snow showers. There’s the possibility of some real snow and X-Country skiing later in the week. Built a cider press, see photo, and looking forward to a cook-in come pressing tonight. Some 8 or 10 bushels of apples to be dealt with, apple sauce and cider, real home cooking, mom’s apple pie. ‘Bushels’ an oddly old world word to be using today while using the internet to record this holiday break.

The cider press on the back porch

Options and decisions for the remainder of the week are as usual too many, it’s the NY Marathon on Sunday, not to compete but to watch, not so sure it makes a great spectator sport though. Halloween parade sometime at the weekend too maybe but a visit to MoMA is a definite. Rough Guide at the ready.

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