Cold Cure : Runnin the HHR

Better than Cough Medicine

After more than a week off or rather a week without exercise and only just shaken off the cold a blast around the extended run was called for; or so I thought!
Well all I can say is it’s probably cheaper than any expectorant cough medicine and more rapid acting, it even tastes nice.

Yesterday’s longer run was a bit of a nightmare though; in terms of timing and performance even if it really did clear the tubes. It must have worked though as today I almost managed the basic HHR (I thought I’d better be a little less ambitious than yesterday) at a non stop jog. I still can’t get past the salt bin marker on the initial backup incline without having to break into a walk for 50m or so.

So that’s the target for the next month, getting all the way down and up the HHR at a minimum of a slow jog, non stop continuous running. Possible as long as the weather holds off. Oh and I’m maybe doing some fair weather training in Portugal in a weeks time courtesy of Utimaco.

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