Towards the sunshine.

Towards the sunshine.
Towards the sunshine., originally uploaded by rantoutloud.

Now that’s more like it, sunshine over the Bay of Biscay. True it’s at 32,000′ and it’s probably minus 60 deg C outside but it looks nice especially compared to soggy snow in Munich. Expecting 12 deg in Faro and grey overcast skys.
This plane is full of oldies off for some cheap hols and no home heating in sunny Portugal. Looking at the rows of heads in front of me, I’m on the back row, I now see why it’s called the ‘grey market’. The in-flight movie is Mr. Bean, thank god for iPod, thank you Steve. This month’s Wired Magazine has an article on the 25th birthday of the Apple Mac written by Steven Levey, Jobs is their cult idol methinks. Apparently Mac users are now into double figures! And Microsoft’s ‘I’m a PC’ advertising campaign cost around $300,000,000. They’re rattled, no kidding. (Mark you have a lot to answer for).


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