Small but fully formed

Canon G10 Compact Digital Camera

Compact but deadly

So now I’m the proud owner of a new camera, a Canon G10. It’s a compact but has all the bells an whistles that I need, RAW; manual; big aperture f2.8; zoom lens – wide angle 28mm equivalent and up to telephoto at 140mm. No it’s not another SLR but that’s kind of the point.

I’ve been struck recently that carrying around the Canon 400D SLR has been a bit of a chore. Yes it does take great photos but the size of it makes it difficult to use. I have found myself taking many more shots with the phone. OK that’s partly because of the blogging issue. It’s really convenient to grab a shot then email it directly here or to one of my friends immediately and that’s likely to continue. However some shots have just been taken on the spur of the moment, while the sun shone, while the light was right, when it was safe to do so, and dragging the SLR out of it’s case, often from the depths of the rucksack, well sometimes it didn’t happen. The ice and snow slope on Wherneside last weekend was just a case in point.

So this compact,for which I still need to get a case for will sit close by me, attached to my belt perhaps, always at the ready, like a gun slung low and loose.

I’ll let you know how we get on…

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