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Haglofs Tight PRO Large rucksack

Haglofs Tight PRO Large

I’ve had my present rucksack, a Karrimor Good Earth, for well over 15years and while the ‘Scot’ or thrifty nature considers this a triumph, technology has moved on. The time has come the walrus said to get a better one.

What constitutes better? Well comfort, fit airflow between the bag and one’s back, the fit of the straps at the top of the sack, the adjust-ability and chest straps, the stability of the sack, compression straps to ensure when lightly loaded stuff doesn’t get thrashed about, and bulk is minimised, an internal drink bladder maybe, front loading pockets, zip access, multiple ice tool straps for winter would make this a good all rounder.

Size, quality and durability vs weight would be one area of compromise perhaps. I had recently looked at sacks purporting to be ideal for mountain running and minimise weight that seemed to me to little more than a stuff sack with two straps and over priced.

Lighter; Faster; Further

Budgie Green and Black

So after a BIG search over many weeks I ended up getting the Haglofs Tight PRO Large seen pictures here except in a ‘snot green’ and black rather than the baby blue. I think officially it’s call Budgie Green, except that I know budgies come in all sorts of colours.

Technical and versatile backpack, with the signature of all Tight packs: the ability to sit moulded onto the back

  • Teardrop shape front and side panels provide a low centre of gravity
  • Contoured shoulder straps
  • Hipbelt
  • One outer pocket
  • Internal organizer
  • Two ice tool loops
  • Crampon patch with elastic cord on the front panel
  • Equipped for a hydration system
  • Weight: approx 940 gram
  • Size: approx 30 litres

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