Whittle Dean

Local Runnin for Local people

In an attempt to get more running in before the iROC I extended the HHR again to include more of Whittle Dean and surrounding farmland. Extending the run north of the A69 towards the reservoirs, starting directly outside the flat takes in some more gently rolling countryside and views. The weather this afternoon was windy and bright, getting colder but the pace kept everything warm. It was a good outing to test the effectiveness of both the new rucksack and the camera pouch. Both, I’m happy to say performed well and any fears I had that the LowePro APEX 60 AW Camera bag would fall off were unfounded.

HHR III Profile

It’s interesting t note that in the few days that this post has been live Google have updated the satellite imagery for this area and I’m glad to say my house/flat now exists! As does the ecommnet and Off Exploring offices just down the road.

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