Hexham Runnin Around

Abbey Going to Hexham

Last week I met an Oldie at the leisure centre after going to the gym, Chris as it turns out who’s training for a Marathon. I don’t remember which one. When I asked about the group of runners he was with, he invited me to join them next week, i.e. today. Which is what I did and it was great. Running with others is a new experience and I had no idea whether I could keep up or not, I genuinely had no idea what was in store.

Five miles of street running and hilly ones at that later I felt I’d had a good workout and not been embarrassed as I thought I might be. Everyone was friendly and encouraging, thanks guys, I’ll be back next week.

Note I’m not being cheeky when I say Oldie, it was Chris that brought up the tag suggesting that I was more their age, of his group, than the one’s I’d seen running around the track.

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