Off Exploring’s iROC Team

Off Exploring‘s Robert Campbell and Mark McGookin sign up for iROC

Off Exploring iROC team

Off Exploring’s Robert Campbell and Mark McGookin sign up for the iROC adventure race with attitude

The intrepid, some say insane duo, have persuaded each other and themselves that the fun thing to do on Easter weekend is run up hill for a very long way and look cool while doing it.

To look extra cool the boys have spec’d out some soft – wear, the skin tight Lycra tops they’re modelling in the photo. No doubt they’ll look OK until the race starts at which point no amount of man made fibre, elastic or not, is going to keep these two in-check or looking suave or cool in any sense of the word. The race is going to be a gruelling run up hill and presumably down as well, for a total of 13k and over 900 meters of ascent.

At the moment their training regime is a punishing mix of gym work and road and fell running. With only 4 weeks before the event, which is on the 18th of April, the pace of training is beginning to quicken as they realise that whatever they do it’s probably not going to be enough.

Mark has the advantage, he plays Rugby for Ponteland RFC 1sts as is already up to the ‘mark’, pardon the ridiculous pun, while Robert is right back on the pace having only just started to do any kind of exercise at all and never run more than 200m at once in his life.

The race is being run by another North East company inov-8 who describe themselves as ‘a British company that’s passionate about specialist off-road and extreme sports products’. They make running shoes and other gear for mad people like these two.

The race is being run in an old cement factory and quarry, presumably so there’s somewhere to bury the dead bodies that will litter the hillside before, during and after the event is over.

But hey it’s bound to be a great day out, come along and support the two, there’s even a family fun run, cycling and a beer tent. That sounds like a place just for me, see you there

Yours Gripp Type-Thinne.

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