Salmon Run on Tyne : Packing in the calories

Making Carbohydrate Loading a richer experience

Well it’s about time this blog included something about my other passion, food and any way the Google map thing doesn’t really work if the only exercise has been on a bloody treadmill because the weather’s shite.

Salmon Linguine

  • Enough Linguine for 4
  • Salmon Steak – cooked 1 per person
  • Cherry Tomatoes 10~12
  • 1/2 Fennel
  • Hand-full Rocket leaves – 2~3
  • Red pepper – 1 medium
  • Green Pepper – 1 medium
  • Artichokes Grilled, the ones in olive oil – 4
  • Sundried Tomatoes 2~3
  • Birdseye Chilli 3~4 (8~10 if cooking at my strength)
  • Fresh Mint – small hand-full

Put the pasta on to boil, a splosh of olive oil and a good pinch of salt in the water will stop it boiling over.

Flake the cooked fish and put it to one side. Finely chop all the veg, that is very finely this is only going to take 1 min to cook once the pasta is done. Do the same to the sun-dried tomatoes and the chillies. The cherry toms and the artichokes need only roughly chopping, the latter usually come in quarters anyhoo, just chop them in half. The mint is best shredded by hand into small pieces, this releases the aroma too.

Once the pasta is cooked, al-dente mind don’t let it go soggy! drain and serve into warm bowls. Throw all the chopped ingredients into the hot pan with a little more olive oil if necessary. Warm through, this should only take a minute or so, then chuck in the fish and continue to warm that through for at most another min, try to keep the fish flakes intact, season with black pepper and maybe a little salt.

Now serve and eat!

Training : Running up hill

The training tonight was actually on the treadmill, just 3 miles and a high incline; 30 mins start to finish. Just a warm up really because Monday night is usually a night off.

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