Rugby Training : Mark My Words

Youth and rugby training 5 nights a week

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Mark a collegue from work and the other deranged person in the Off Exploring iROC team came and ran along with the Tuesday Night group I’ve been training with. Well I say along with, what I actually mean is ‘ran far ahead of‘ as he was always way out front. It’s youth of course, he’s half the average age of the group, and the 5 nights rugby training for Ponteland Rugby Football Club that does it.

Unfortunately my GPS packed up halfway through the run so I had to guess at the actual route we took. It was all new territory as far as I was concerned anyway.

Performance this week, not great struggled most of the way around and damaged my left ankle again. I really will have to rest it over the next few days. Looks like boring cycle training for a while.

iROC is just over a week away now and while I’m not quite in a state of panic it is begining to come to the forefront of my mind. One thing I have learnt over the past few weeks is the state of one’s mental fitness is just as important as the body. Any tips on how to stay focussed and positive would be helpful as would words of encouragement; like those from Bryan over at Tyne Dock Green.

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