Weather : Occluded Front

The North-South Divide

At the Front

Early Saturday morning just off the Military road near Horsley I spotted this weather formation. Looking at the charts for today it’s a clear example of an Occluded Front. If you pardon the pun. It stretched from the horizon in the South all across the sky to the opposite horizon in North. Blanket cloud in the East and almost nothing at all looking West.

UK Weather Chart

Now not sure if that heading should be East-West, anyhoo it looked spectacular enough to get out of the car and take this photo.

No training again today as the ankle is still sore as hell. May take a trip to the gym later today, pushing pedals may just be OK. Really concerned for next weekend’s trip to Eastgate.

The weather chart above has been supplied by the Met Office, courtesy of their Library Service. I have to say these guys are great, I asked them if I could have a historic chart at approx 1am, by 13:00 the next day they had sent me the full image of the chart that I asked for. Brilliant guys! Thank you.

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