Training : The run up

The last Leg

Well the bike came out yesterday and got pushed around and about for 13 or so miles. Not bad considering I haven’t been on one for years. No crashes or even a near miss.

As a vehicle for training it seems it uses slightly different muscles in the legs than running and I’m not sure that’s a good thing or not. Comments from Triathalon friends please. It did get me some reasonable exercise though and was much easier on the ankle than running. Indeed that and the anti-inflammatories seem have been working and it’s begining to feel much better. There’s one bodily aspect that did NOT fair well, must get a new saddle.

So this week is last training before iROC and it’s not looking too healthy with at least one long car journey, expected 8hrs, and one late night at Daughter’s 18th Birthday party to contend with. Last run out with the Hexham group on Tuesday then a complete wind down before the Saturday.

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