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Tuesday and its raining

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Tuesday evening and for the first time it’s really raining, actually it’s heaving it down. Funny though the pain in the legs, before they warm up and the gasping for breath is just the same as every other time, just wetter.

The run tonight took us up north of Heham to Acomb. I really am beginging to see more of this county that I have ever done in the time I’ve lived here. I just wish I wasn’t quite so knackered so I could take it all in.

As usual the run is a mix of trail, fields and forest or woodland tracs and a long road run back into Hexham. At about 6 miles I’m still raring to go an my liking for long down hill runs pushes me out front runnin hard for the leisure centre. The steam rises from all who dare to hang about outside in the car park in the drizzle.

Postscript, Chris made it around the London Marathon, 3:50 well done!

The Analytics

Some further geeky analysis of the training run from the GPS data. It may be a little too much for some of you, especially those who practice running on the flat but to me wher the problem and achievment is the hilly bits this profile stuff is a true indicator of the level I’m at.

STM Profile data

THe route profile using STM data from ‘best source’. compare that with live data from my own GPS device.

GPS acquired Profile data

The route profile using GPS acquired data.

Rate of Climb

The rate of climb x distance for the route


The speedacross the route

Speed x distance

The speed x distance for the route

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