Topical Anesthetic

“Well yes it is a bit late, 2:45 but I have been for a long and difficult walk, and I’m very hungry and thirsty and I’m you next door neighbour, please go ask the kitchen to get me some food”

My pleas were to no avail and I was left with the prospect of having to make my own lunch with or with out the Guinness. I decided with and collected my pint and went outside to sit on the terrace. On the way the manager asked me if I was ‘OK?’. My reply made it obvious I wasn’t and it was mainly because they’d stopped serving food. Hold on he says, I’ll see what I can do. Several minutes later a roast pork sandwich together with several roast potatoes magically appear.

The moral, always pull rank and speak the the man or more likely the woman, in charge, not the gay one behind the bar.

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