Training : Loop de Loop

Horsley – Whittle Dean – Ovingham Loop

No map today, you know where it goes, or can look at it in this post Whittle Dean. Actually it’s a while since I have done this route and now the vegitation has all grown up around the paths and it looks very spring like.

They Shoot Horses Don't They?

I was glad I’d worn tights, but even these don’t stop all the nettles! Taken it easy today, just under 7 miles, it’s almost two weeks since I have run like this, excluding the hill running in the Lakes which is different altogether. Stopping frequently to take in the view, some photos and just try to get away from life’s difficulties, for a little while at least. Aware always that I need to be careful to avoid injury, the left ankle is still tender sometimes, and to conserve, the Lakeland 3000 is only a few weeks away.


Ovingham Bridge

Ovingham Bridge

Whittle Dean

Whittle Dean


The Tyne at Ovingham


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