Training : Tyne Green

Bankside along the Tyne

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Tuesday, back running out with the pack, we’re short on numbers as it’s still half term. Running out of Hexham, west alongside of the river Tyne is especially beautiful this time of year. Sandwiched between the river and the Golf Club the route follows the trail eventually turning left (south) and crosses the A69 before pulling up the steep and unrelenting hill towards ‘Low Gate’. Why Low when it’s the highestpoint for miles?

Now it’s across fields now lush with grass, before the 1st cut silage due late May i.e. any time now. Through the woods than back to the road for the final down hill dash back through Hexham to the leisure centre.

Hexham Tyne Green Profile

7 miles, plus an extra half warm up which makes all the difference to both the performance and the sense of satisfaction at the end. 6.8mph moving average 5mph overall; not a bad evening out. This is the reverse of this route.

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