Final Adjustments : 4 days to go

Training : Final Planning


With only a few days to go it seems like I’ve a million and one things to think about. The route itself, final adjustments like ‘skirt around the top of High Raise save 400ft and so on. With one eye on the weather, op-out clauses, Seathwaite, Wythburn, skip Helvellyn, the potential variations are mind boggling.

Clearly my real mind set is imagining myself on every part of the route, moving strongly and actually completing the trip. I think this approach means half the battle, the mental one, is being started now, before I get on the hill and will give me a much better chance of success. I think the training decision to walk as much of the route as possible over the past few weeks has been really helpful, really positive and one hell of a confidence boost.

Problem is the weather looks shite for Friday night, I don’t fancy walking off the edge of Helvellyn into Brown Cove in the middle of the night in thick cloud. Bought a new head torch, Black Diamond H7, bright it is for sure.

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