The Wrong Shoes

Flyroc 310 - 300

I sent my trusty pair of inov-8 Flyroc 310‘s back to the manufacturers yesterday as they appeared to be coming apart. I considered it to be a manufacturing fault and asked inov-8 to repair or replace them. At first they said it was fair wear and tear and refused. They said things like “you’ve worn the tread down by half” implying I’d had my money’s worth and it’s “your running style“.

inov-8 Roclite 315

They said I was wearing the wrong shoes. I did say they were mine and how could they be the wrong ones. Apparently what they meant was that I should be wearing a diferent style for the type of running / walking I’m doing. They also eventually offered a replacement pair of Roclite 315™. I had to pay a contribution towards the cost but I think we both got a good deal out of the bargain. I’m still waiting for the new shoes to arrive,I’ll report back when I have had the chance to try them out.

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