Training: Flat Out

Ovingham to Wylam and back

The Tyne

River Tyne

I have decided running on the flat, or nearly flat is way way harder than running up hill! How, you may ask yourself, does he reckon that? He is mad. The problem seems to be all about pace.

On the up hill sections of a run, like last Tuesday’s run up Causey Hill near Hexham, you can naturally pace yourself, gravity, friction and so all help to find a natural rhythm. On the down hill sections a similar state is achievable and a rolling forward slightly out of control hurtling gait seems like a recovery run.

On the flat a desire for speed and possibly an unfamiliarity seems to take over me and I end up averaging well over 6mph and completely knackered too quickly. I need more practice, loads more or a pacemaker. However there isn’t time before Wednesday and I’m losing confidence fast.

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  1. I see your logic. With me the mere sight of an uphill stretch has me developing a stitch, though I suspect that's entirely psychological.

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