Training Resumed : Jelly All Round

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There’s nothing like getting a race bib number in the post and a sudden realisation that the start date is just a few weeks away to get the motivation going. For ‘motivation’ read PANIC.

After a few weeks of not feeling great and not enjoying the running I decided last night to get down to it and motivate myself. The receipt of the bib for the Tynedale Harrier’s Jelly Road Race, start time 11:00am 6th Sept. that morning had something to do with it too. It’s 10 Miles! Shit that’s far longer than I’ve run ever at one time before and I’m starting to panic for sure. Tips on how to up the distance from where I’m reasonably comfortable, 10k, to the new goal of 10 Miles, would be helpful.

Statistics: Distance: 10.44 km Elevation gain: 217.1 m Elevation loss: -217.5 m. (As calculated by GPS Visualizer)

elevation profile of run

2 Replies to “Training Resumed : Jelly All Round”

  1. A good guide is to increase your mileage by 5 – 10% a week, have an easy week every third or fourth week and don’t forget the importance of rest days. Have fun!

  2. This week -6
    01/08/09 – 6.6
    08/08/09 – 7.25
    15/08/09 – 8
    22/08/09 – 8.8
    29/08/09 – 10
    05/09/09 – 0
    06/09/09 – 10 RACE DAY


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