Falstone Falcon

Falstone Show Fell Race

My second ‘real’ Northumberland fell race, like the previous one based at a country show. This time at Falstone near Kielder Water in the heart of Northumberland.

The start by Rob Stephens / Pat?

The race was hard with a pull up the fell behind Falstone of some 500′ or so over tussock grass and heather. Then on through the forest, crossing several streams all of which required steep drops and climbs back out again.

I kind of held a middle ground with all most everyone off in front and fewer behind me. This meant that for the most part I seemed to be running alone. The course was not well marked but I didn’t get lost unlike some.

So I wasn’t last but I did miss the hour mark by about 7 mins which was disappointing, next year. The event overall was great, the views above the Resevoir are spectacular and the show itself is friendly and fun. I will be back.

Update there’s a brilliant series of photos by Rob Stephens (NFR) which give you a good idea of what a fell race of this type is like. Step through his filckr set of the Falstone Falcon.

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  1. Aye there were a lot from the Tynedale club including Phil Villiers, he did the Bob Graham Round a couple of months ago in under 22 hrs. I wasn't last but I did miss the hour mark by 7 mins :-(. At least I now have a target for next year. I was a good day out though, I can recommend it.

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