Training: A week’s worth

10 Miles

This week been panicking about the 10 miler coming up in what is now less than a week! I can’t seem to break the 6mile 10k barrier very easily. OK the odd Tuesday night run has been over 7 miles, this week included but it’s a struggle and there’s always those 30 second stops at stiles and crossings.

So the emphasis this week has been on quantity and a trying to keep the average speed up, learning how to pace especially on my own. Tuesday training run was North from Hexham to Sandhoe an Acomb, loooong steeeep hill climb, thankfully with a nice long run down. This gave us all the chance to get the averages up again. The difference recorded on my Garmin GPS showing only slight differences between the ‘overall average’ and the ‘moving average’. Obviously the closer these two numbers are the less stopping the more consistent speed I’m doing. Overall that evening 7.5 miles just over 5.5 mph

Thursday, no pub run so I’m out on my own trying to do the numbers game. Horsley to Harlow Hill along the Military Road (while straight definately not flat) and back to Horsley. 5.7 miles Moving Ave 6mph Overall Average 6mph. I think rounding errors played a part in those numbers but I was pleased. Doubts for the 6th are still there but we’re making progress. Do I have enough time?


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