Training : This is becoming a Habit

Addicted to endorphins


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The Jelly race is just a week away now, Sunday the 6th Sept at 11:00. So I’m trying desperately to put some miles and speed work in. After yesterday’s lovely walk in the lakes I was still keen to add more miles. So today I drove to Hexham with a plan to run the start of the road race route to Corbridge and then make my way back via the Dilston road. I had thought it was around 9 miles. In the end I’ve calculated its 7.7. My GPS packed up half way around, I should have replaced the batteries. But I had noted the time, 1:17mins, that’s a steady 6mph again. Yes next week might be possible.

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  1. Thanks, I'll need it. I haven't lloked at the weather forcast for tomorrow yet but if it's like today ot'll be OK coolish and a slight tailwind.

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