Training : Back to it


So it’s dark now and off road running on a Tuesday evening is off. In it’s place is road running training, intervals and rat runs in and around Hexham.

After almost three weeks off, lazing in the sun or just skiving, tonight was a bit of a shock. Steep hills flat out, repeated intervals with bugger all rest and a weird masochistic streak that made me try and out run myself and all around me. Add to that coming down with a cold and thinking “this’ll kill or cure me” I’m certifiable but I have to work off the holiday excess somehow and there’s another race in a week or so!

2 Replies to “Training : Back to it”

  1. I think all runners have a love/hate relationship with intervals. I can’t point to any research to back this up, but I reckon the older I get the more important they become to maintaining fitness.

  2. The trouble is that I've a tendency to over do it since the speed bursts fit well with a previous life as a sprinter and am suffering the consequences.

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