mootools : FxSlide() in a blog page

This is an experimental effect designed to hide the map withing a blog article. The mootools javascript toolset or framework is well understood. The trick is to apply it to a blog page which is not static. That is to say the number of maps displayed in a page will vary due to the author’s content, I may not include a map in every post and secondly due to the fact the Blogger will vary the number of articles on the page over time.

hide map | show map

View Crinkle Crags & Langdale Pikes in a larger map

So the requirement is be able to

  1. insert into a blog post while writing it
  2. add a simple set of links to hide or reveal the map
  3. add any necessary css or html tags to the map itself or it’s containing div
  4. the code must be simple and amenable to be inserted as a snippet
  5. we should NOT need to know howmany maps have previously existed on the page, the code must self configure

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