Training : Fartlek

And Now in Pairs

I thought a trip to the local builders merchants come DIY store would be just that. How wrong can I be?

As it turns out very wrong. Running in pairs so called ‘efforts’ about 500m a minutes worth, at first anyway, out and back to your ‘partner’. Switch roles, they run you rest, they come back you run and so on. There is two things to note about this. The first point is you only get as much interval rest as your partner takes to run the loop. Secondly if you or your partner are at all competitive with either each other or the any of the other pairs the tendency is to self destruct.

We blew up around loop 8 or so and eventually came in second or third. Not that it was a competiton you understand! Thanks Pip, “Good Effort” indeed. The reference to the builder’s merchants, it was their lorry park we were running in, Dove’s for the record..

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