Second Helpings

Over the weekend I was trying to develop a new way to maintain the list of events in the right hand column sidebar of this blog. Up until this evening the only way to make a change to anything in the sidebar was to edit the template from within blogger and re publish the whole blog. Not ever efficient or flexible.


At first I tried to use an iframe. Separate frames are not the best kid of thing but they have gained favor over the last few years. They were once considered really bad news but now with better browser support and web 2.0 content requirements it’s a legitimate way of pulling content into your web site. However there are several issues in making the resulting content look good. The biggest of these is making the iframe dynamically re-size to fit the content. Remember the iframe is a mini browser effectively and it’ll not automatically re-size itself, you wouldn’t want Firefox to do that would you? The web is full of forums and blogs trying all sorts of html and css techniques to resize the iframe based on content. None of them work very well

java script

So what then, I started to look for a javascript alternative. Then twigging I’ve just started to use mootools within the site, and wait the Request.HTTP class and the myElement.load(url); method!

So with a single line of code added to my mootools initialisation domready event, a id in a div tag in the side bar and the content is loaded directly into the DOM of the blog page with no frames at all.

now why didn’t I think of that before?

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