7 Replies to “Fog on The Tyne”

  1. I thought it was Carlsberg? Anyway neither would be my choice of fluid intake. If it's larger you want try the origional Pilsner Urquell, if it's beer then there's way too much coice especially with all the new micro breweries we have in the North East. Favorite at the moment would be Wylam Brewery's Gold Tankard.

  2. It is, but I can’t bring myself to utter that name.
    I could be wrong but I think I might have had a pint of Gold Tankard the last time I was in the Centurion bar.
    The Jarrow brewery does an excellent stout but it never seems to be on when I’m out these days.

  3. There's just so much good stuff loacally done, Old Nell's from Matfen is another. (what did Carlsberg do to you?)

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