Trade Barriers at Newcastle Station

Ticket Barriers and Rocket Science

Ticket barriers at Newcastle Rail Station

Ticket Barriers
Newcastle Station

Given the total and utter confusion seen at Leeds station over the past few months after the introduction of ticket barriers like these ones seen at Newcastle, one wonders how the masses will cope with the self service and phone printed barcode tickets? My advice add an extra 15mins to your journey time.

I wonder also about the takings of the retail outlets behind the barriers (on the track side) and if they expect any fall off in trade. I’m sure there’s many people that use the Metro and stop off at the station or other who use the cash machines then are passing trade for the shops and kiosks.

The reference to ‘Rocket Science’ is that it seems to the average traveller getting through the barriers is about as difficult.

21 Oct 2009 … CONTROVERSIAL ticket barriers branded an eyesore by heritage protesters have arrived at Newcastle’s landmark Central Station
Newcastle Central Railway Station – before ticket barriers …

3 Replies to “Trade Barriers at Newcastle Station”

  1. First I'd heard of these. Of course, fare dodging might not have become such a problem if the tickets were affordable in the first place.

  2. Or consistent or understandable, e.g. why is a ticket cheaper from Berwick-upon-Tweed to London cheaper than from Newcastle to London?

  3. When I was there the other day, a couple of the barriers weren’t working and were cordoned off. On board ticket checks are pretty thorough on the train journeys I make. I’m struggling to see what we actually gain with these barriers.

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