Whittle Dean Revisited

And Hell is still where I saw it last

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The weather men have over stressed the warnings again, obviously for the benefit of the soft southerners again. To be fair the blow on the south coast does look spectacular but up here in the north, where it’s usually ‘Grim’ remember, we’ve had a lovely couple of days. Revisiting one of the runs around the village where I live, Horsley, and Whittle Dean, the autumn colours and the bright sunshine making it if not pleasurable at least picturesque. The run ends by acending the Horsley Hell Run which Ihave not attempted for some months. It’s as hard as I remember and although I can run most of it now there’s a section at the bottom just as you approach the Horsley Wood Cottages where walking is a serious option especially after the last 5.5 miles.

Distance: 9.926 km Elevation gain: 186.5 m Elevation loss: -186.1 m

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