Boxing Day : On the March Again

Working off the Christmas Excess

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Actually it’s Sunday and after something of a three week layoff, or more indeed, the anticipation of the work to come, to say nothing of the cold and wet and ice was daunting to say the least. The short run up from the flat to the A69 and beyond was enough to tell me that the idea of continuing on the cross country route was suicidal, there was still too much ice around. So I detour to the 5.7 mile round route up to the military road at Harlow Hill and along the road back to Ruchester and then Horsley. It’s not inspirational as routes go but it’s steep enough for a work out and sometimes pituresque as today with winter light and the snow. Busy roads and not all the drivers are considerate, climbing back into Horsley as the blizzards start again.

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