Training : New Year

Kielder Greys Summit Race

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It’s next weekend and the training hasn’t been enough and there’s something about this aerial photo that looks dark and gloomy and foreboding. Friend said at the weekend ‘Oh you’ll be OK just do it anyway!’. It’s alright for you to say you aren’t operating these legs or carrying that extra weight from Christmas excess, or feeling your age! Actually training last week wasn’t too bad, yes it hurt but I wasn’t comatose at the end. However this weekend hasn’t been productive at all. Time spent with daughter before her leaving for two month trip to Ecuador rather than training. Just time for a last minute blast tomorrow evening then legitimate rest for the remainder.

Oh and news fromn the organiser just to cheer me up “Be prepared for calf deep snow on top of three pikes across to grey’s pike, a few inches most other places, and some ice! Will make for an interesting race. Clockwise. Route will be marked and dare say there will be tracks in the snow to follow unless you’re at the front. See you on Sunday Cheers Will”

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  1. Good luck with the run Robert. I wasn’t successful in persuading the lads to take part this time; I’ll continue to work on them for future races.

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