The year of the Mobile in travel

Timothy O’Neil-Dunne wrote an article entitled “Ten reasons why 2010 is NOT the year of the mobile in travel” While much of what he said was interesting there were several issues I’d have to take strong disagreement about, especially the mention of accessibility.

Item 7 on his list “Vision impairment” and 8 “Dexterity..”: Timothy have you actually asked any visually handicapped users what they think? or done any background reading on the subject? There is clear evidence that the use of mobile devices help users with many forms of disablement.

Feathers no Fish

The Feathers Easter Beer & Food Festival

Lindisfarne Oysters

There’s wonderful food and beer at the Feathers Inn, Headley nr Hexham today tomorrow and Monday. The BBQ outside today was busy despite the slightly inclement weather. Fresh Lindisfarne oysters and BBQ Sardines washed down with some wonderful beer from Wylam Brewery. Hey I’d run 5.5 miles this morning I deserved a treat? Well that’s my excuse anyway.

Richard, Rhian’s dad persuades me to take part in Monday’s barrel race, maybe, we’re still short of a 3rd member of the team.