Feathers no Fish

The Feathers Easter Beer & Food Festival

Lindisfarne Oysters

There’s wonderful food and beer at the Feathers Inn, Headley nr Hexham today tomorrow and Monday. The BBQ outside today was busy despite the slightly inclement weather. Fresh Lindisfarne oysters and BBQ Sardines washed down with some wonderful beer from Wylam Brewery. Hey I’d run 5.5 miles this morning I deserved a treat? Well that’s my excuse anyway.

Richard, Rhian’s dad persuades me to take part in Monday’s barrel race, maybe, we’re still short of a 3rd member of the team.

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  1. Just read your comment about 20 minutes ago about being one short for the team. I hope you found someone in time. Good luck in the ‘race’. That barrel of beer has got your name on it!

  2. Sorry about the delay publishing your last comment. For some reason it got wedged between a load of Chinese spam. I haven’t tested out how much the 230s have improved my beer drinking skills yet.

  3. I’m getting quite a few spam comments too.
    I’m just off to do the Murder Mile (it does what it says on the tin) from the Dyvells in Corbridge to the top of prospect hill and as I have just spend a long weekend late night drinking and eating in Barcelona I doubt I’ll finish let alone come anywhere respectable

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