Science and Nonsense

The latest edition of “nhe” or to give it’s full title National Health Executive magazine, who’s claim is “the essential guide to health service management” is an editorial deriding the current call by the BMA Junior Doctors to have homeopathy taken out of the NHS.
The author, presumably the editor Stephen Lewis ([email protected]) seems to be quite deluded and confused about a number of the issues. His arguments culminate with two quite startling sentences. I leave you to judge this man’s capabilities with his own words.

“The real test of efficacy is not whether or not there is evidence that something works but whether or not it can and does work, even though it shouldn’t.”

“A bigger problem in the NHS is the appalling waste in the drugs budget and the cost of dealing with the harm drugs do to thousands of patients in the UK.”

The man’s a loon, the mag’s in the bin.

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