Pub Run : The Recce

The pub run I’m hosting on Wednesday is about 6.61miles and starts and finishes at The Lion & Lamb in Horsley. The run has spectacular views across the Whittle Dean reservoirs and across the Tyne valley to the south. The route starts at the L&L then up the track beside the kitchen design centre to cross the A69 before setting off across the fields almost due North to Harlow Hill. Leaving Harlow Hill on the Military road the route then skirts around the North side of the upper reservoir before coming back down the B6309 to cross the Military Road again going South. Once past the farm “Walton Hall” with it’s ruined Pele tower the route follows the culvert eventually crossing Whittle Burn at Spittle and then joining the road, Oatens Bank, back to Horsley directly, or for more interest back through the gorse forest and the track opposite the pub.

The Weekend Work

Its the weekend but my work is never done

The usual angst ensues, how to balance relaxation, a need to catch up on work and a desire to up the training while at the same time being completely knackered. I think I need a holiday.

I’ve also made a big investment in this WordPress thing and need to tidy this blog. The stylesheet needs some work, the heading sizes are too big and I may just change the colours to revive the ones I used when I was over on Blogger. ¬†Other changes on the roadmap:-

  • Relative heading sizes
  • Heading colours
  • Event calendar using Google calendar as a feed : still needs work
  • Embedding Google maps, I don’t like the Garmin stuff too much
  • Contact form
  • Home page / pages / posts / tags / categories
  • Category pages,
    • gear & technology
    • map and mapping
  • Blog and link icons too big
  • Tag field

The Costal Run


Well it was as hard as I suspected but I got there in the end (if not at the end) and I think I may have just scraped in under the 2:30 mark but only just. The final 2 miles along the beach in a head wind was really hard but managed a sprint. I guess I was a bit ambitious trying that distance on just a couple of days training a week and none of that over 9 miles. I need to up my game a bit.