Whoa! The world is Spinning let me get off!

I have BENIGN PAROXYSMAL POSITIONAL VERTIGO, my advice don’t get this. It’s a condition of the inner ear and affects your balance or rather perception of balance by overloading your semi circular canals, it’s like getting off a roundabout when you were three and the world appeared to be spinning around. It may have been fun then but at my age its nauseating and I keep falling over as if I was drunk, without any of the positive effects.
The good news is that it’s treatable, the bad news is the treatment makes it worse while the treatment is being carried out.
I’ve already cancelled running for this weekend I just hope that I’m better by Wednesday as it’s the Tynedale Pie and Peas 10k!

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  1. You really do have my sympathy; I had similar problems a while back. When I went to see my GP and explained my symptoms his response was:
    “Tell me about it Bryan, I’ve just had the same thing myself and it took a fortnight to get rid of it. You sometimes vomit so much you have to carry a bucket around with you.”

    Not exactly the most reassuring words I’ve heard from a doctor but the medication did work.


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