The Costal Run


Well it was as hard as I suspected but I got there in the end (if not at the end) and I think I may have just scraped in under the 2:30 mark but only just. The final 2 miles along the beach in a head wind was really hard but managed a sprint. I guess I was a bit ambitious trying that distance on just a couple of days training a week and none of that over 9 miles. I need to up my game a bit.



2 Replies to “The Costal Run”

  1. That sounds like a respectable time to me.
    I always want to enter that race but it never fits in with my childcare arrangements. Maybe next year?

  2. It was too far on the training I’ve been doing. I really wanted to get well in under the 2:30 mark given I did 10 miles last year at 1:27. Next the Jelly Tea……

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