The Weekend Work

Its the weekend but my work is never done

The usual angst ensues, how to balance relaxation, a need to catch up on work and a desire to up the training while at the same time being completely knackered. I think I need a holiday.

I’ve also made a big investment in this WordPress thing and need to tidy this blog. The stylesheet needs some work, the heading sizes are too big and I may just change the colours to revive the ones I used when I was over on Blogger.  Other changes on the roadmap:-

  • Relative heading sizes
  • Heading colours
  • Event calendar using Google calendar as a feed : still needs work
  • Embedding Google maps, I don’t like the Garmin stuff too much
  • Contact form
  • Home page / pages / posts / tags / categories
  • Category pages,
    • gear & technology
    • map and mapping
  • Blog and link icons too big
  • Tag field

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