Corbridge : Shopping

Cycle shorts, cheese grater and a zest for life

The plan was just to go shopping, first the bicycle shop, to browse bikes, still in a quandary over what to buy, but picked up some lube for the chain on my old mtb and a pair of natty cycling shorts with padded insert. Then to the cook shop in Corbridge for some non essentials. What possessed me to try the shorts out by cycling to Corbridge and back, 20 miles or there abouts when the last time I did any real cycling was at least 15 years ago!

But hey I’ve got the bug back, at least it seems that way after the aches in my behind have subsided. The shopping trip was successful, got the cheese slicer and a citrus zester and fuelled by a bacon buttie a fruit tart and a cup of tea from the baker the trip back home was ok. The last pull up the hill from the Tyne at Ovingham to Horsley nearly killed me though…

Fell Race : Falstone

Come on up, the view is great

This is a tough race for such a short distance. Well attended again this year the ascent up the never ending tussock grass, in and out of the drainage lines, the false summits until the cool of the forest at the top of the fell is reached, is just a killer. Once the forest trails are reached things briefly become easier but worn shoes left me with out any grip at all (note to self : get some new ones, you’ve been talking about it now for weeks!). The route has several twists and turns and the view across Kielder Water is spectacular but we’re not done yet. There’s at least three streams to cross each with their own challenges, high mud banks on the far side, deep pools for the unwary and knackered legs and cow shit on the final run for home.

Back to the show ground to swap stories and adventures, some more drastic than others. One torn calf, several scrapes and me with a bloody lip having been thwacked in the face by a fir branch. Then for chips and beefburger and beer before the long drive home


Have just made the credit card £70 lighter in exchange for a pair of inov-8 roclite 315 shoes. Bought them from Start Fitness and got a free pair of socks and a teeshirt from More Mile : bargain

This is my second pair of these inov-8 RocLite 315

Pub Run : The Crown Inn, Humshaugh

Old Country : New Route

A tough but pleasant evening in somewhat muggy conditions taking in some historic countryside above Chollerford. Managed to get back to the pub before the rain really started. The meal afterwards was good too.

Today is the next fell race on my list, The Fastone Falcon, based at the FALSTONE BORDER SHEPHERDS SHOW on the eastern edge of Kielder, the heart of Northumberland. Nearly six miles of steep tussock hillside, forest tracks and spectacular views over the reservoir. I’m not sure I over did it on Thursday, while it gave me confidence I may have depleted reserves, says he packing in another sandwich.

Pub Run : The Crown Inn, Humshaugh

With the weather looking good tonight’s Tynedale Harriers pub run from The Crown Inn at Humshaugh (nr Hexham) should be an excellent evening. We’ll have to see if the food is good as the pub has changed hands since last year. With the Jelly Tea Race coming up in the next few weeks I need all the training I can get. Oh and there’s the Falstone Falcon fell race this weekend at Kielder in the heart of Northumberland. That was hard last year but the route is spectacular and there’s always a good turnout and all very sociable.