Hybrid or MTB or Road

I’m back on the need to more than just running thinking again but in a quandary about what to do and more to the point about what bike to get. A road bike is likely to be more for my money apparently where as a mountain bike seems more adventurous and could lead to duathalon perhaps. However there’s the time and what I’d expect to do when, how much time to train… Hybrid seems to be an answer but is it too much of a compromise and not very good at anything? Then there’s the money, how much to spend before you get a decent machine? There seems to be a compromise weight vs. cash.

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  1. Ask ten different cyclists and you’ll probably get ten different answers. I think the trick is to be totally honest with yourself about what you will use the bike for and then get the most appropriate one. I suspect 99% of the mountain bikes sold in Britain have never seen a mountain.

  2. It always seems to be an aspiration, cycling up mountains, trail riding, a bit like the fell running, always better in the mind than the execution. So I think I have decided to keep the old bike I have which is suspension less but probably good enough for trails and tracks. This is alongside of the realisation last Saturday that I have to take a break, the money is going to have to go on a holiday. Then review things over the winter, I need a plan and a big project for next year.

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