Corbridge : Shopping

Cycle shorts, cheese grater and a zest for life

The plan was just to go shopping, first the bicycle shop, to browse bikes, still in a quandary over what to buy, but picked up some lube for the chain on my old mtb and a pair of natty cycling shorts with padded insert. Then to the cook shop in Corbridge for some non essentials. What possessed me to try the shorts out by cycling to Corbridge and back, 20 miles or there abouts when the last time I did any real cycling was at least 15 years ago!

But hey I’ve got the bug back, at least it seems that way after the aches in my behind have subsided. The shopping trip was successful, got the cheese slicer and a citrus zester and fuelled by a bacon buttie a fruit tart and a cup of tea from the baker the trip back home was ok. The last pull up the hill from the Tyne at Ovingham to Horsley nearly killed me though…

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