Ice and Snow

Skiing not Running

Lunar Eclipse

Well with all weather we’ve been having over the last month there’s not always been a great deal of running going on. By weather I mean a total of 16″ or so of snow and lots of ice, temperatures on average being well below freezing all day every day for the past two weeks. The lowest I saw recently was -11 °C on 20th Dec, the day I took the pictures of the lunar eclipse. Handling the camera in those kind of temperatures was challenging to say the least.

Harlow Hill

The snow conditions at the beginning of December were excellent for skiing and the boards were pulled out of retirement for a couple of weekends. Touring around the Hadrian’s Wall area just north from here was amazing with wildlife in abundance. The sight of hares running in deep snow was a site to behold as was the buzzard cruising the forests and hedgerows for those things that dared to venture out.

Training with the club (Tynedale Harriers) has been sporadic as work and the weather interrupted schedules and dampened enthusiasm but it all seemed to be made up buy the Christmas Night Out with Derek’s organisation and Dom’s Quiz the highlight to the run up to Christmas.

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