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Amazon Amazing Customer Service

OK I admit it I’m a sucker and ended up buying some dodgy software from an on-line retailer but hey it was through Amazon Marketplace!

The software was a copy of Adobe Lightroom, a fantastic photo retouching / processing / editing system and it was a bit cheaper than anywhere else, well quite a bit cheaper. Feedback on the retailer was well OK at least I seem to remember it being ok at the time. Software arrives and installs and I’ve been using it for some time but now I need to register it so that I can take advantage of an upgrade on offer from Adobe to their latest version.

What’s this? it won’t register, I keep getting errors “invalid serial number” or something similar. I raised a Query with Adobe support. Eventually, after about 30~40 mins on the support chat line, it appears that I have a possible pirate copy of the software. From that point on Adobe is completely disinterested.

I gather further information on the retailer and a copy of the order confirmation from Amazon to send to Adobe. At the same time I send a short note to Amazon in the vague hope that I might get some advice as to what to do. Raise call with Adobe again, get the same chat support call routine trying to get me to register the same information again, even though I had clearly stated at the beginning of the call that I know it wouldn’t work. All I’m after is a contact to seek some advice or get some acknowledgement that I’ve reported a piracy case or indeed if the truth be known an opportunity to beg or scrounge a discount voucher for use when buying the upgrade.

Eventually I get to raise a web support incident, it’s hard to do this on their site believe me, set out the case and ask politely what I can do. I copy the info from the purchase from Amazon. I get an email reply from the automaton then another shortly afterwards asking for proof of purchase, it has a link in the email for me to update the case. The link doesn’t work 404 Error and indeed for several hours Adobe’s support pages keep giving 404 errors. Sometime later I get a terse email from Adobe simply telling me I’d bought pirate software, that it was nothing to do with them, go try to get your money back, tuff shit we don’t care.

But wait what’s this an email from Amazon, We’re terribly sorry, we know it’s not our fault but we feel so bad that we’re going to refund your money, all of it including postage, and straight away, it should be back on your credit card within a couple of days. Thanks and so sorry we hope you haven’t been too upset, please come back..

You know what? which company would you feel good about? Which company would you feel like recommending to others? This is customer service! The only thing I’m still pissed about is the fact that I’m going to buy Lightroom 3 (from Amazon directly of course) thereby giving money to Adobe because it really is good software, shame about that but they were banking on that weren’t they? Adobe arrogant bastards.

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