Wainwright The Hard Way


Tynedale Harriers Coast to Coast Relay

Over the past weekend a small team of runners from Tynedale Harriers crossed from St. Bees to Robin Hood’s Bay in Yorkshire, running in relay fashion in just over 41 hours following as close as possible the route of A Wainwright’s Coast to Coast route.

While that sounds like a fairly eccentric idea the reality was much worse. Setting off from the beach at St. Bees, the most westerly point on the Cumbrian Coast, at 4:00 am on Saturday morning in a howling gale and lashing rain set the scene for the remainder of the day. The three intrepid runners charged with leading off on the first leg soon disappeared into the fog, darkness and rain with the pebble from the beach and my GPS to record the whole event.

With a brief stop for a cup of tea and to pack up the tent we started out in the minibus to meet team at the first changeover point. This turned out to be the order of the day repeated at almost hourly intervals, jump in the minibus increasingly cramped, damp and sweaty, drive at high speed many more miles than the runners run, park up in a car park at the end of some dead-end road in the middle of nowhere, stare at the rain for what seems ages, then peer through the rain/cloud for the runners to appear. Stare the map several times to make sure we are in the right per approved place then just as we’re about to give up the soaked, bedraggled team members lurk out of the gloom.

Passing the baton (the stone and GPS) from runner to runner, check on coordinates for the next change over and with a cheer the next pair are off into the clouds again….

Met Office Weather

This Weather Widget by the Met Office

Lake District Weather

Another attempt a producing a reasonable weather widget that’s useful specifically for walkers and fell runners in the North and Lake District. I must admit this is no where near as pretty or functional as it should be from the home of weather forecasting.


The BBC Weather pages have been updated recently and they look absolutely brilliant, functional too. I’m looking into embedding the new content more thoroughly into this site when they have sorted to the tools out properly. That last time I looked the RSS/EMBED stuff wasn’t there. No doubt it wil be soon (hope that it’s not part of the cuts!).

Tessa Smith

Tessa Smith

The Tessa Smith Quartet

Jazz at The Exchange Cafe

Hexham, last Saturday evening. The venue deserved to be packed out rather than the pathetic half full state. The Tessa Smith Quartet played an hour long set with a mix of her own work and a number of covers, one by Thelonious Monk. An outstanding vocalist backed by some real talent on bass, piano and drums, Tessa came across very well and deserved a bigger audience. She plays somewhere in Leeds regularly, I’ve a mind to seek that out next time I’m there.

Tuesday Training On Wheels


I seem to be doing a lot of cycling recently despite the windy weather. I’ve also been experimenting with the updated Google Maps WordPress Plugin developed by Patrick Matusz. He’s recently added the capability to use Open Street Maps and more specifically the Open Cycle Maps layers as well as just the standard Google versions. I particularly like the cycle map since it just looks a great deal better and topographic at these sizes and resolutions.