Counterfeit Response

Well it wasn’t quite the reaction I expected, ‘we’ll warn everyone’.
To start at the beginning I’d ordered a pair of stretchy soft shell trousers from Amazon the other day and they duly arrived within just a few hours it seems. Great stuff this Internet shopping and with Amazon’ “prime” membership it’s downright addictive. However after getting them out and trying them on it’s apparent that there’re the wrong size and 6″ to trim off the leg is just not going to work. I’d no option but to send them back for a refund, as they didn’t stock any alternative sizes.


Bugger, but GO Outdoors has them in stock at the right size and even though they’re nearly 10 quid more expensive I ordered a pair. They too came really promptly next day.
Now I’d chosen these trousers on the basis of the advertising and the technical specs. They appeared to offer the same kind of two-way-stretch that the more expensive brands, Haglof, Montane etc., offered but at half the price. The glossies, the articles and the company’s own marketing displayed very technical looking diagrams showing the actual stretchyness. I thought, I’ll have some of that.. thinking that on the previous week’s outing how my trusty Rohan trousers grabbed at the knees.

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