Where are Go Outdoors from?

In a land where “from £66.30” means £99 apparently

I’m after a new rucksack, 35l – 40l, alpine style, no frills just a decent bag with straps please. One of the items I have on my shortlist is the Deuter Guide 35+, it fits the bill very well thanks. Some searching on the internet, yes I do mean googling for prices, and one of the sellers presented is Go Outdoors with a price of £66.30. No look closer the wording, in big red letters is “From £66.30”. The actual ticket price of the item is £99.00.

I’m sorry What The Actual Fuck does that mean? In my book that means you are trying to con and deceive the buying public. It has no other possible meaning. There are no options to chose from so how can it possibly mean anything other than “ooh look at the headline price”, click, oh bollocks!

I HATE this type of marketing, what I call obfuscated marketing, it demeaning, deceitful, mendacious even and should be stopped. Now up until this point I quite liked Go Outdoors but now I will give up the convenience of going to the local store and Amazon or the rest of the interweb here I come.

By the way if anyone has any recommendations for “the” rucksack to get I’d be happy to consider them.

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