This Government is Selling off Your Heritage

Selling it off and to their mates in the private sector. What’s it? the NHS, the Helicopter Search and Rescue services and now the Fire Service. Yes that’s right, the Government is opening up the Fire Service to private companies, mutuals and other providers to be able to deliver services for local Fire Authorities. The fire service is part of the nation’s critical infrastructure, why is the Government selling it off to the highest bidder in this way, except for profit?

Search and Rescue: lost forever?

I’ve talked before about the possible privatisation of the helicopter SAR services and while that was postponed following some serious irregularities in the tendering process last year, it now seems inevitable. The arguments for and against keeping the service in the hands of the military are complex and more than just tinged with typical UK sentimentality. Mountain Guide, James Thacker discusses it in some depth and with a bit more first hand knowledge than I in his article “UK Search and Rescue Privatisation


NHS For Sale to the Highest Bidder

The Sell-Off of the NHS is a much bigger issue and demands an article in its own right. Suffice to say from April 1st there will be an obligation on all commissioning bodies to put all services out to public tender. This effectively means that price and profit will be the main driver for the delivery of NHS services which will inevitably lead to a poorer and more costly NHS for all of us. I encourage you to look at the following couple of articles and look at what the NHA Party is saying.

Health and Social Care Act : The future of the NHS—irreversible privatisation?

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